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The Babydoll Dress is Not Dead: American Retro Sale on Gilt

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The vicious babydoll dress cycle:

1. Buy babydoll dress.
2. Wear babydoll dress, eat anything you want, safe in the knowledge your tummy won't show.
3. Repeat.
4. Buy more babydoll dresses because, let's face it, you like eating whatever you please—and their tummy-hiding properties are awesome.
We've fallen victim to the lure of comfy, roomy, super-cute dresses and we're proud of it. Glad to see some American Retro styles are on sample sale today at Gilt. Yay! For the upcoming barbecue season, we recommend: the Ruth dress, $79 (orig. $253); the Woven Honey dress, $84 (orig. $264); the Silk Lovely embroidered dress, $104 (orig. $333.50); and the Silk Mischa dress, $102 (orig. $310).
· American Retro sample sale [Gilt]