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The Ritz in London Allows Jeans at Breakfast, Joan Collins Grumbles

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The Ritz, a last bastion hold-out of formal dress codes for ladies and gentlemen intent on dining within its hallowed halls, has, after 100 years, relaxed its sartorial requisitions and is now allowing jeans in the restaurant—but only at breakfast time.

Not so fast, Ritzies! Joan Collins is none-too-happy about the new development:

"When I heard that the Ritz Hotel was allowing people in for breakfast wearing jeans, I was surprised to say the least. The Ritz, both in London and Paris, has been one of the last bastions of a civilised, elegant dress code, and even though it has specified that the jeans must be 'very, very smart' and no trainers are allowed, I can see standards going in the direction of all respectable establishments—downhill."
Is this the beginning of the end? Will elegant society be plummeted into an irreversible downward spiral of slobbery? Only time will tell.
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