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Iman's Daughter Zulekha's Struggled With Weight

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Having a world-famous legendary supermodel for a mom would seem like the ticket to a charmed life, but for Zulekha Haywood, daughter of Iman, it wasn't always a walk in the park—especially when it came to weight and body image. Haywood, who once weighed over 320 pounds, says she tried every diet under the sun, and finally underwent gastric bypass. She's since slimmed down to 168 pounds. "I have more or less been on a diet since I was eight years old. None of them worked," she told Glamour. "An overweight kid and already dining for sport, my first was the 'basta' diet. At home, my mother, Iman, a beauty icon and devotee of clean eating, would whisper "basta" ('enough' in Italian) when I was in danger of overeating." [Daily Mail]