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The One-Week Vogue "Internship" Auction Is Now At $12,000

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There are still 13 days left to bid on a one-week Vogue "internship." Donated by Anna Wintour to raise money for charity, the prize was originally valued at $10,000—which we thought was absurd. Clearly, we were wrong.

Currently, bidding stands at $12,000—"TSN331" is in the lead—and bidding increments have been raised from $250 to $1,000.

We're baffled. And flabbergasted. But we hope, once the auction's over, they announce the winner's identity. That would be awesome.
· Anna Wintour, The Legendary Editor-in-Chief of VOGUE is Offering You the Opportunity of a Lifetime! Just Being Near Her Will Make You Chic [CharityBuzz]