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We Could Watch Menswear Designer Patrik Ervell's E-Store All Day

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The landing page of Patrik Ervell's brand-new online store features a male model, dressed five ways, fixing his hair, buttoning his blazer, unzipping his jacket, putting his hands in his pocets, and adjusting his collar. They move. And we could watch it for days. It's mesmerizing.

We've been longtime fans of Ervell's spare and straightforward menswear aesthetic—and the same feeling permeates the designer's new virtual shop.

"Certain brands are more suited for this than others, and I think mine really is perfectly matched for it because my aesthetic has always been modern, and there's no more modern presentation than an online store," Ervell told WWD.

"It might be more challenging if you're aspiring to an old-timey feeling. And I already see my consumer as a guy who's buying primarily online. He's not spending his weekends shopping. We already did a significant direct-to-consumer business just from our customers reaching out to us, and this is a logical next step."
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