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Here's What $2-And-Less Will Buy at the Softer Side of Sears

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These earmuffs cost 49 cents!

At Sears' final clearance, there are a ton of products priced—wait for it—under $2. Forty-nine cent ear muffs? Dollar forty-nine jean shorts? Can't beat that with a stick. We also got a big kick out of the 99-cent faux-fur-trimmed socks. Ha. Those are awesome.
· Route 66 denim shorts, $1.49
· Three-pack of Betty Boop panties, $0.99
· Joe Boxer animal-print fur trim socks, $0.99
· Route 66 laser-cut knit dress, $1.69
· Joe Boxer Fairisle knit ear muffs, $0.49
· Treviso Hampton signature clutch wallet, $0.99