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Gossip Girl's Stephanie Savage on the Show, the Look, & Posterity

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Gossip Girl's writer and producer, Stephanie Savage spoke to Self Service magazine for the spring-summer 2010 issue about the show's evolving aesthetic.

The more things get digital, mobile, and time-shifted, the more I find myself wanting to fill 'Gossip Girl' with elements that are bespoke and timeless, imbued with weight and age. I don't think it's about nostalgia or retro or irony. It feels more like a basic human need to be connected to and nurtured by our past, and to leave our own mark—in Polaroid photos swollen with emulsion, leather notebooks filled with thoughts, or ballet flats stained by a walk in the rain. There's a reason our Bladerunner future looks like a 40s film noir. No one wants to die and discover that all you have to pass on to the next generation is your Facebook page.
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