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Pharrell Grew a Mustache: And Other Things We Learned from the New Kiehl's David LaChapelle Acai Mist Campaign

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Yes, that's Pharrell behind the mustache.

He, along with Julianne Moore, artist Jeff Koons, and Malia Jones were photographed by David LaChapelle as part of the campaign for their partnership with Kiehl's on its Earth Day 2010 initiative. The celebs are each touting limited-edition labels on the beauty company's organic Açaí Damage-Protecting Toning Mist. 100% of net proceeds (up to $200,000) from the sales of this limited-edition packaged product will go to the Rainforest Alliance.

Doesn't Julianne Moore always look lovely?

This man (above) is known for his giant sculptures of balloon-esque animals and used to be married to Cicciolina, an Italian porn-star-turned-parliamentarian.

We didn't know who Malia Jones was either, so we Googled her and found out she's an awesome surfer.
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