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Hipster Chicago Gets What It Deserves: A Brand New Vespa Shop

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When The Hipster Handbook hit the bookshelves in 2003, Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood was held up as the model hipster district. In the seven years since, the locals are growing older and more professional and they're looking to upgrade their fixed gear bikes to Vespas.

This is where the second location of Chicago moped mecca Motoworks enters the scene; the original is located a bit further west in Chicagoland, and that's where you'll find their Vespa clubhouse-y atmosphere. Nonetheless, we crashed the opening party for their new Wicker Park store and discovered that mopeds come in all price ranges ($2,000ish?), and some, like a few Piaggios, have two wheels up front.

We may not be moped experts, but we did enjoy the vintage art on the walls, the large selection of gleaming helmets and the Vespa gear. With the following that the original Motoworks location has however, this hipster central one better think about adding a lounge area and espresso machine.
· Motoworks Chicago [Official Site]


1710 West North Avenue, Chicago, IL