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Peter on Tavi; Maggie on Streamers

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Social chronicler and man-about-town Peter Davis knows how Tavi feels about being unceremoniously shut down by the internet powers-that-be. Once upon a time, the scribe had 5,000 friends on Facebook—until the social networking site killed Davis' profile for posting a photo of a Rick Owens sculpture. Davis talked to model Maggie Rizer, whose naked torso is what got Tavi shut down in the first place: "Imagine shutting down a site over such an innocent photo," Rizer told Davis. "I remember thinking during that photo how cool I thought the boots were and how confused I was that I was naked with streamers. In my mind it would have made so much more sense if I was naked and looking sexy, than looking like I was in my birthday suit for real. Inez and Vinhoodh took it literally I guess. At any rate, I still have the boots—Yohji gave me a few pairs in a couple of styles. They're pretty beaten up now, just about perfect." Well, there you have it. [Status Update]