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Gross: Is QVC Reselling Used, Returned Skincare and Cosmetics?

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Last week, Nanc47, a QVC customer posted on on the the company's message boards complaining about receiving a used Laura Geller blush. When she reported the problem to QVC, the company apologized and took the item back.

The user forum then erupted with did-they-or-didn't-they speculation—some customers calling Nanc47 a fantasist and the idea that QVC would resell returns "urban legend." But turns out this may not be the first time it's happened. According to a longtime reader, receiving used cosmetics from QVC "was happening very frequently" as recently as a year and a half ago.

Ewww. Can you imagine opening a new jar of face cream and finding a hair inside? Bleurgh.

Any Racked reader out there ever been sent used makeup by a retailer?
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