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Anna Wintour's One-Week Vogue Internship Auction at $23,000

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Holy Bananas, Batman! Looks like someone is really desperate to get their foot in the door at 4 Times Square—bidding on the one-week Vogue "internship" has reached $23,000!

Here are some other things—not suggestions, per se, just speculations—the buyer could do with $23,000, besides buying him/herself a fake internship at a fashion magazine:
· Build and sponsor a school for needy children in the Himalayas
· Buy a marble-topped toilet
· Pay Lindsay Lohan's rent
· Buy a top-of-the-line dream machine· Get a rare stamp postmarked "China"

· Anna Wintour, The Legendary Editor-in-Chief of VOGUE is Offering You the Opportunity of a Lifetime! Just Being Near Her Will Make You Chic [CharityBuzz]
· Intern at Versace in NYC and meet Donatella Versace backstage in Milan [CharityBuzz]