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Chrome Hearts x Barbie = Beyond Your Wildest Plastic Imagination

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Karl Lagerfeld's favorite ring-maker, Chrome Hearts (they make other stuff, too, like $800 hoodies and $190 trucker caps) has collaborated with Mattel's Barbie on a 12-doll retrospective.

Now, these are no ordinary pocket-Barbies, oh no. The Chrome Hearts Barbies are each more than 3 feet tall, dressed head-to-toe in intricately detailed Chrome Hearts clothing and jewelry, and they all have their hair done by celebrity stylist Oribe—who usually charges human clients about $500 for a haircut. The clothing, accessory, hair, and makeup detail is actually stunning—check it out in the gallery (above). The Barbies are valued at $18,000 to $25,000 each and will be on exhibit from April 10-24 at Roma Cohen's Alchemist in Miami, after which the tour will continue through New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Shanghai.

· Chrome Hearts [Official Site]

Roma Cohen's Alchemist

1111 Lincoln Rd., Miami, FL