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$1,000 Sweatpants? With Heels!?

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"Maybe there is an irony there I'm missing, like taking the sweatpant and subverting it, but sweatpants do not become OK outside of the house just because there is a designer name slapped on them. I think people who buy them will look back at pictures of themselves in a few years with regret." That's what non-fashion-victim Fiona Taylor told the WSJ, and, frankly, we're inclined to agree. Turns out we may be lagging behind on the trend—designer sweatpants priced upwards of $250 have been flying off store shelves. More intriguing yet, women are wearing their sweatpants with high heels! Is it really possible to dress-up sweats? Also, is there some kind of mid-90s-J.Lo-look-revival going on that no one told us about? [WSJ]