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Our Hero Anne Slowey Makes Good Points

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"Well I think it's really subjective, blogs—they're not holding themselves up to the same standards that a journalist would, they're really just an expression. It's entertainment and it's fun. I think that you just have to judge people according to what they're setting out to do. Tavi's a unique situation because she's put herself—first of all, she's been 13 for, like, the last 4 years—but she's put herself in the center of the cyclone. She swore she'd never sell out and now she's being paid by Target to do video... It's like, her father's an English professor, I don't know. Her editor at Harper's [Bazaar] said her copy comes in clean... I work with New Yorker writers, their copy doesn't come in clean. You can punch holes in that. But case in point, BryanBoy, he's the sweetest kid out there and he's just so excited about fashion that it's contagious. I love finding myself sitting next to him at a fashion show and listening to him just bubble over with enthusiasm. Maybe what he's saying isn't groundbreaking prose, the writing's not that great, but it's how he talks. So, I think there's room for both." [Fashionologie]