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Sandra Bullock Shoulda Known: Only "Creepy Misfits" Wear Overalls

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As rumors swirled and the veneer of marital bliss began to wear between America's sweetheart Sandra Bullock and her West Coast Chopper Jesse James, the latter took to wearing his own-brand $30 overalls—everyday. It's then, film critic Sean Macaulay argues, that Bullock (and the public) should have wisened up and figured out that James was likely up to no good.

From the point of their inception and popularization in the 18th-century, overalls have long been associated with the "semi-criminal," Macaulay writes. Though the garment's also tagged with a sometimes-goofball image (in Hee Haw) and takes the occasional spin down the runway, overalls are, by and large, worn by "hillbilly rapists," "redneck scumbags with sharp implements," as well as killers looking for something to wear with their "one-eyed potato-sack hoods and hockey masks." Point taken.

Anyone else? Fashion relationship dealbreakers?
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