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Crystal Renn Drops Weight

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Crystal Renn may be called a plus-size model, but lots of people (and lots of our readers) have pointed out that, well, she's pretty darn slim—and definitely not plus-size. Remember the Glamour cover where she posed with Alessandra Ambrosio and Brooklyn Decker? And how it was pretty hard to pick the plus-size model out of the line-up? Well, Renn's agent is saying that the model isn't losing weight on purpose. "She is not trying to lose weight at all,” her Ford Models agent told People. "She fluctuates between a 10 and a 14. She went hiking in Patagonia for three weeks over the holidays and she firmed up and got a little smaller. She has also been traveling like crazy and tends to be smaller when that happens." One word of warning to Renn and her agent: Remember what happened to Sophie Dahl's career when she lost all that weight after becoming successful? Dahl, too, told the press that she dropped the pounds unintentionally—from living in the NYC walk-up building, she claimed. [People]