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Concept Store Snapshot: Fishing Gear, Antiques, and Boiled Peanuts

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We're here in and around Nashville, Tennessee, all week and yesterday Racked caught a bus out of town to check out the Jack Daniels distillery and shops in Lynchburg, a tiny township in Lynchburg-Moore County. We hung out at the town square for a couple of hours after our whiskey tour (it's a dry county, so we could only look at the whiskey, not taste it) to check out some of the local shopping.

Though a lot of the stores weren't open during lunch hour, we did check out the local drugstore—complete with ice cream parlor and soda fountain inside—and a lot of the multi-category stores. This one sold an array of pretty serious fishing gear, books, and accessories alongside snacks (boiled peanuts) and some miscellaneous antique products from the 1960s and 1970s.

Put this type of seemingly randomly curated shop in a small town, and it seems quirky, fun, and a little goofy. But when you really think about it, this is the most straightforward idea behind the modern, high-brow concept store, right? At the core of it, isn't this just Colette in a different place, at a different price?
· Lynchburg, TN Chamber of Commerce [Official Site]