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Smart Time Saver: Thanks for Everything's Thank You Notes

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Just in time for wedding season: Husband-and-wife team Sarah and Jonathan Rapaport have launched Thanks for Everything, a customized thank you note-writing service that'll save brides and grooms hours (days!) of letter-writing.

"After our wedding we realized how overwhelming it can be writing thank-you notes to keep pace with the deluge of presents—all while still sounding gracious and articulate," Sarah told Racked.

"People were sending all of these wonderful gifts and we wanted to communicate our genuine gratitude. Surprisingly, after the first batch went out, we began hearing how touched people were by our notes. It was then that we realized that there was no other service like this, and we could really help lighten the load for busy brides and new parents."

With their knack for note-writing—these definitely aren't the usual throwaway wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am generic send-offs—the couple launched a service where, for between $3.50 and $5.50, appreciators can pick stationery and handwriting fonts, and the appreciated will receive heartfelt thanks custom-tailored to the gifts given—all with just a click of the mouse.
· Thanks for Everything [Official Site]