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Venus and Mars: Supermodel Karen Elson's Vintage Boutique

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In 2008, supermodel Karen Elson and stylist Amy Patterson joined forces to launch Venus and Mars—a quaint store housed in a, uh, house, filled with a high-low curation of rare vintage gems and "cheap and cheerful" dresses, shoes, and accessories.

There's men's wear—as well as odds and ends including ties and suspenders—in the front room, and a selection of women's accessories in cases under the cash register in the middle corridor—we love the hard-to-find bits and bobs like cardigan clips and rhinestone cat-eye eyeglass frames. The majority of the women's wear, brilliantly categorized by color group, is found in the back room, alongside a smattering of children's clothing. Handbags, clutches, and evening-type things reside on a bookshelf under the staircase.
· Venus and Mars Vintage [Official Site]

Venus & Mars

2009 Belmont Blvd., Nashville, TN