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"Cher, What Are You Wearing? A Dress! Says Who? Calvin Klein!"

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Anyone who came of pop-consciousness in the 90s will remember Cher's iconic Calvin Klein dress from the 1995 movie Clueless.

Ilaria Urbinati, co-owner of boutique Confederacy sure did—and when she met Calvin Klein's creative director Francisco Costa, she made sure to tell him all about it:

I went into a spazzy explanation of how my formative-years love of Calvin was partly based on the little white Calvin mini dress Alicia Silverstone wears in Clueless. I re-enacted the entire scene for him (you know, 'Cher, what are you wearing?' 'A dress!' 'Says who?' 'Calvin Klein!' 'Well, go put something over it!' 'Duh, I was just going to!' and then she comes out with the clear trench). So of course I said, Francisco, you need to remake that dress.
Long story short, Costa remade the "Cher" dress this season and it's now available, for $916 at Urbinati's boutique.
· Calvin Klein Collection "Clueless" limited-edition dress, $916 at Confederacy
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