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What's Up With all These Skinny People Saying They're Not Skinny?

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This is a skinny person.
This is a skinny person.

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First, it was Kim Kardashian, claiming, "I'll never be one of those skinny girls!" despite the fact that size-0s can often be too big on her.

Today, it's Victoria's Secret Angel Doutzen Kroes (pictured above). "I have a voluptuous body. I am not one of those skinny girls," she says in an AP story.

Mini-rant: Really? Really?? We're really tired of hearing these incredibly slim, beautiful celebrities and models talk about how they're not skinny. Are they just saying it in an attempt to empathize and relate to regular, non-famous women? Well, we call b.s. Sorry, but when you're a size-0, unless you're under 4'5", you're skinny.

What do you think?
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