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Designer John Bartlett Wants Some Salad & Vegan Cookies, Thanks.

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The folks over at Vevant recently popped in to see John Bartlett, Harvard and FIT graduate and menswear designer, at his West Village duplex.

Bartlett's currently working on his spring 2011 line and in the process of going vegan—a dietary change we always find fascinating. Is a vegan animal-friendly clothing line next?

I was up late last night trying to find a vegan cooking school because I’m trying to move towards veganism, and I know I’m going to end up eating salads and vegan cookies. The vegan thing is new and I’m trying to figure that out. What I’m finding that makes it even more important, is how the environment is so affected by factory farming and that the plot of land that it takes to feed one meat-eater could feed ten non-meat-eaters because it takes so much water and so much gas. I mean, half the fuel and half the water that we use in our country is to fuel the farm factories – and the methane gas that these cows are burping into the environment [contributes to global warming]. It’s so fascinating how this is all connected – the environment’s affected, animals’ lives are affected, our health is effected – all these things. I had no idea.
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