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The Episode Wherein Everyone Complains About Everyone Else

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Today, Intern Anna recaps the dramatic events of last night's episode of The City. This is what we make our interns do at Racked—so no one can ever tell them they didn't pay their dues.

The City season finale did nothing but confuse and disappoint. For the sake of pretending this is actual reality television and we don't already know the answers to these questions: Will Whitney stay at People's Revolution? Will the feud between Roxy and Olivia ever end? And why does Olivia have such a small face?

Whitney, against Mama Cutrone's advice, takes a meeting with Alison Brod, whose office is so pink, it would put Barbie to shame. Despite Alison's promises to make Port a household name, Whitney doesn't commit. Roxy takes long walks in the park with photographer Zach and bitches about Whitney's behavior. Olivia travels to Japan and manages not to piss of anyone. Erin tries to convince Joe Zee to replace Olivia with Louise Roe, but alas a ELLE meeting reveals that Joe once again favors the socialite and her, um, impeccable work habits.

The series ended with Whitney sitting in a park sporting her usual sad and confused stare, wondering why her life is so difficult. In the meanwhile, I think it's time for America to take back their Tuesday nights and live their own lives in The City (or The Hills, The Midwest, ect)! Well at least until the next season starts. —Anna Fursoff
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