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Have You Fallen For the Old Spice Guy Yet?

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Who has garnered over 5.5 million YouTube views in less than two weeks for a single commercial? That's right; it's the bare-chested, horse/motorcycle-riding Old Spice Guy with the baritone voice.

After winning a Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Fest for advertising, the Old Spice guy?whose real name is Isaiah Mustafa, a former college football player?went crazy viral online, a fever magnified by the Old Spice Guy's personalized video replies to the tweets of celebrities and influential personalities. Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan love him, as do Ashton Kutcher, Perez Hilton, Justine Bateman, Ryan Seacrest, Apolo Ohno and even Starbucks.

His marathon of YouTube videos continues to quickly convert people to the new gospel of Old Spice: "Smell like a man, man." So, have you been taken in by the Old Spice Guy? If not, it'll only take you a few views of his official YouTube channel.
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