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Calvin Klein Jeans Debuts Fall Campaign Via QR Code Billboards

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Calvin Klein debuted its fall 2010 advertising campaign this weekend, but it wasn't in the pages of any conventional magazine. The company replaced three of its billboards—two in Manhattan and one in Los Angeles—with these (above) QR codes ("Quick Response" codes are two-dimensional matrix/bar codes in which are embedded text, images, or videos that can be read by certain smartphones).

Snap a picture of Calvin Klein's QR code billboard on a smartphone and you'll be able to view a 40-second commercial starring models Lara Stone, “A.J.,” Sid Ellisdon, Grayson Vaughan and Eric Anderson. If you're in LA or New York, check 'em out—but fast! The billboards will only stay up through the end of the week; after you snap 'em, share the code with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
· Calvin Klein replaces racy billboards with QR codes [Mashable]