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Guess What Lane Bryant's Old Slogan Was? "Calling All Chubbies!"

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Plus-size label Lane Bryant may have gotten all up in arms about Fox and other networks refusing to air its lingerie ads—claiming that the networks were size-ist, that they'd aired Victoria's Secret ads that were far racier.

But what do you think about this (right) old-school Lane Bryant ad that the folks over at Copyranted dug up? Is it size-ist?

Guess there was a time where larger women could publicly be called "chubby" and wouldn't (or pretended they didn't) take offense.

Obviously, this sort of tag line wouldn't fly on a current-day Lane Bryant ad—recently, the company's slogans have run the gamut from "Bold. Modern. You." to "What Real Women Wear."

Certainly more empowering than calling its customers, uh, "chubbies."
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