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Is "The Mad Virgin" or "My Fluid" the Worst Perfume Name Ever?

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The entire beauty and fragrance world seems to have breathed a collective sigh of relief that Jennifer Aniston came to her senses at the last minute and decided not to name her first fragrance the dreaded Lolavie, instead, opting to call it "Jennifer Aniston." (We never claimed the new name was original or better.)

The Guardian today names its ten ugliest perfume names ever:

1 La Vierge Folle (The Mad Virgin)
2 Mon Fluide (My Fluid)
3 Breath of God
4 Bang
5 Basil
6 Nice Flowers
7 White Shoulders
8 Pavarotti
9 Paris Sexy Lady
10 Intimately Beckham
What are your least favorite perfume names?
· What are the ugliest ever perfume names? [Guardian]