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Bedbug Armageddon

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Bedbugs have mangled the fashion retail landscape: Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Victoria's Secret lie in their wake. Now the parasites have moved onto the publishing industry, infesting Hachette Book Group in Manhattan. What's happening? Are we in some kind of Bedbug Armageddon? Gawker has a prediction: "Imagine a dystopian future where New York City has been abandoned, left to the blood-sucking vermin, empty buildings full of dead or dying bedbugs, cars left sitting in the middle of Broadway, a dessicated corpse slumped against a lamppost. And then a single man, walking downtown from the North. A lone crusader. It is Will Smith, wrapped in plastic, doing his laundry for like the sixth time that day." [Gawker]