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Cherry Chapstick Scented?

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No word on whether it will smell like cherry chapstick, but, Katy Perry has just announced that she will be launching her first-ever perfume—called Purr by Katy Perry—this November exclusively at Nordstrom. The bottle will be shaped like a cat (purr) and will be embellished with jewel eyes. Perry, herself, is a fan of celebrity fragrances—she says she bought Beyonce's Heat and Kim Kardashian's perfume earlier this year—and her role model is none other than lifestyle-ska-singer brand Gwen Stefani. "She is my example of how I want to do things," Perry said, "especially the way she did it with Harajuku Lovers. She's so detail-oriented and so in touch with that which is hip and cool. I hope I can grab some of her baton." Let the baton-grabbing begin! [WWD]