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Meijer Set to Open Only Chain Grocery Store in Detroit City Limits

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Here at Racked National, we have an odd fascination with the city of Detroit—we know it's not a novel interest or anything, plenty of media outlets are watching the city, like Time magazine, which bought a house and planted journalists-in-residence there for a year.

Anyway, did you know that right now, there is not one single grocery store chain operating within Detroit's city limits? The city of Detroit depends entirely on independent stores for groceries because the local economy just can't support a large chain store. Detroit has plenty of other problems too, including illiteracy, joblessness, and foreclosures.

You can even buy a house in Detroit for $1.

Anyway, we were really excited to find out that Meijer, a major chain of grocery and superstores is planning on opening a 190,000 square foot store at Woodward Avenue and Eight Mile in spring 2012.

"We are excited about the possibility of opening our first store in Detroit," Hank Meijer, the company CEO told The Detroit News. "We think there's a great opportunity there." We think so too.
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Meijer 2012

Woodward Ave. and Eight Mile