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Human bone jewelry

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We're a little skeeved out by this—okay, a lot skeeved out. The folks over at Refinery29 found a jewelry line called Churchyard, that specializes in making jewelry out of human bones and hair. (Does that make you want to throw up or faint? Because the thought of it makes us woozy.) Refinery says: "Using finger, toe, and wrist bones, Churchyard sells pendants out of human bones jazzed up with quartz, rubies, and garnets that put each piece around $100 a pop." The design company, Sunspot, makes the jewelry from fingers, hands, wrists, feet, teeth, and fingertips. They also do bat skull earrings and rat skull necklaces. We're sure there's other stuff too, but we can't bear to look at the site for much longer. [Refinery 29]