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Cuter Than Cute: Paul & Joe's Kitty-Shaped Lipstick Collection

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The cutest lipstick we've ever seen—Paul & Joe's fall 2010 collection—launches August 1 in the UK and Japan. The neutral-pinky colors, from left: Moon Shadow 068, Over the Moon 067, and Clair de Lune 066, will be priced at £16 each.

No word yet on whether this collection is coming to the USA, but we'll keep you kitty-kats posted!

Update: A commenter says that these cutesy-poo lipsticks are already available at Bergdorf Goodman—we don't see them online, which means you can get them in store or call the store (on 212-753-7300) to order.
· Paul & Joe Clair de Lune [Rouge Deluxe]