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Sneak Peek at Ikea's 2011 Catalog: Arriving in Stores this August

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Every summer, scores of shoppers wait at home, with bated breath, or descend en masse upon their local Ikea to pick up the flat-pack-happy Swedish company's new annual catalog. Who doesn't love some good inexpensive designer-ish furniture aspirational living? (Does that sentence even make any sense?)

The Ikea catalog is printed in over 25 languages and is the most widely distributed free publication in the world. The 2011 catalog hasn't arrived in stores yet—it'll arrive in stores on August 1, 2010 (mark your calendars)—but we got a sneak peek at some of the new merch.

Check out the cool new garbage disposal systems the company has created for our eco-minded (and recycling-mandatory) brave new world, the neat new kitchen things (nice steamer!), and the swell new office furniture.
· Ikea [Official Site]