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Dying of LOL: Elle's Joe Zee Wears Chanel's Yeti Suit Out & About

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Elle's creative director Joe Zee is, by all accounts—and, in spite of the absurd professional shenanigans they script for him on The City—one of the most-loved stylists and editors in the fashion industry. It's also plain, in this video, that Zee's in possession of one of the best senses of humor ever.

Chanel's fall 2010 show opened with two male models wearing head-to-toe faux-fur suits—check out a photo of Brad Kroenig wearing one in the Chanel campaign here. Looks like fun, no? Well, Joe Zee thought so too, so he had a Chanel Yeti-suit shipped to New York, where he wore it around all day—to the zoo, to the park, in NYC's Heatpocalypse... Let's see what unfolds, shall we?
· Joe Zee Braves NYC Summer In Chanel Fur Suit [Styleite]