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Paul Frank Builds a Cottage and Fills it With Adorbs Monkey Gear

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Our first day at Bread and Butter pretty much blew our minds—the trade show takes place in the hangars and on the grounds of a former major airport and global brands (large and small) shell out bazillions of dollars to create really charming, flashy, and/or innovative installations to exhibit their future wares.

One set-up we were especially smitten by was Paul Frank's. Designed to resemble a small cottage, the showcase featured a living room, kitchen, bathroom, classroom, and gallery of 3-D monkey art. Every room was completely kitted out in Paul Frank merchandise, furniture, decor, signature colors, and wallpaper. Check out our gallery (above) for more photos.
· Paul Frank [Official Site]
· Bread and Butter [Official Site]

Bread and Butter

Platz der Luftbrücke 5, Berlin, Germany