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Things Men Didn't Know They Needed Til Now: Zazz Shower Caps

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Add this product to the list of things we didn't know were missing from this world until now: Zazz New York's glitzy, glamorous men's shower caps. OMG, right?

Already well-known among the female contingent of the shower camp cognoscenti, Zazz's women's caps are super-cute (hello, gingham and ribbons anyone?) and constructed from super-light, thin Italian vinyl. They've been featured in Us Weekly and on tons of beauty blogs—there's really no cuter way to make a blow-out last, is there?

So, what's the story behind the zipper on the gold men's shower cap? It's a masculine touch, a Zazz spokesperson told Racked. Instead of using ribbon (like on the women's) or studs or embellishment that can be water-damaged, the powers-that-Zazz decided on an industrial black zipper.

So, there you have it.
· Men's bronze zipper, $45 at Zazz
· Men's nautical, $36 at Zazz