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Roberto Cavalli Launches Limited-Edition 40th Anniversary Products

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Roberto Cavalli's company is celebrating its 40th birthday—and they're bringing out the big guns. Not only is Cavalli being feted all over the world and creating a new dedicated logo—he's undertaken a series of limited-edition special projects:

· a Roberto Cavalli "Saint Tropez" denim collection—featuring fabulous leopard print jeans (above, right) in regular, skinny, or flared silhouettes.
· Roberto Cavalli cashmere scarf collection in pashmina with jaguar prints
· Roberto Cavalli "Dea" eyewear collection—inspired by the first-ever Cavalli eyewear collection, the "Dea" features both snakeskin and printed leather textures.
· Robert Cavalli "Anniversary" timepieces, in a limited-run of 999
· A new fragrance called "Anniversary" that bills itself as "wild, luxurious, and glamorous" and includes notes such as green apple, jasmine, cedar wood, patchouli, and vanilla
· A special-edition, snaked-wrapped edition of Roberto Cavalli vodka
Who would have thought of Cavalli as such a classically structure, far-reaching lifestyle brand? You can literally smell like Cavalli, drink Cavalli, at a Cavalli restaurant, while wearing Cavalli. Amazing.
· Roberto Cavalli [Official Site]