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Lauren Conrad, Victoria Beckham, & Nicole Richie Clothes Don't Sell

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Majestic Mills, the company that manufactures Nicole Richie's clothing line, Winter Kate, may be suing Los Angeles retailer Kitson for over $200,000, but Kitson's saying it's simply a case of unsaleable merch. According to a report in today's WWD, Kitson says that around $200,000 in Winter Kate pieces are just languishing in its warehouse waiting to be returned to Majestic because it didn't sell. In fact, says a spokesperson, celebrity lines often perform poorly on the shop floor.

"We are very cautious with celebrity lines since we have learned from the mistakes of celebrity lines past such as Victoria Beckham's dVb and Lauren Conrad's Lauren Conrad Collection. Not every movie will be a blockbuster—even if it looks great on paper, it takes hard work and great retail partnerships to make these celebrity clothing lines blockbusters," director of operations Dean Khial told WWD. Khial says Kitson will be countersuing Majestic Mills.
· See you in court [WWD]