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Ruffian's "Gallant Female Characters," like Dietrich and Hutton

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Photos by Randy Ceballos for

"The Ruffian boys were aiming for a strong collection rooted in the tradition of gallant female characters. This translated to lots of military jackets with square pockets and gold buttons, many adorned with red and blue sash belts. There were also white button-down shirts with full skirts, a few tribal-print dresses, and soldier-worthy gold lamé trench coats—if a soldier were allowed such a luxury!" —Stylelist

"James Kaliardos, lead makeup artist for MAC, was inspired by retro beauties Marlene Dietrich and Lauren Hutton for the structured golden look he created at Ruffian’s spring showing. 'These are fantastic, independent, sexy women,' said Kaliardos, who added that Dietrich ventured bravely into Germany during WWII with generals Gavin and Patton. 'This look is about being in the trenches and the deserts, still looking glamorous.'" —WWD
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Ruffian Spring 2011

64 St. and Columbus Ave., New York, NY