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Jason Schwartzman's Cheeto Pin Can Be Yours for $18 + S&H

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Fashion week, shmashion shmeek. You know what we keep hearing about, everywhere we go? Cheeto pin, cheeto pin, cheeto pin. No joke.

The story goes something like this: Jason Schwartzman showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live a few weeks ago wearing what looked liked a cheeto-on-a-stick in his lapel. Kimmel found it incredibly distracting—something we totally understand because cheetos are, well, delicious, all bright-orange and cheesy yum.

Anyway, turns out this cheeto-accessory goodness is also available to the general public. It's $18 at this website. It's made by someone called Sebastian Butt and is described as: "Fraudulent cheeto mounted on a silver plated stick pin." Indeed.
· The Cheeto Pin, $18 at Art Metropole