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Divorce Off

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Supermodel Stephanie Seymour and her Interview magazine-publishing mogul husband Peter Brant have, after months of bitter, public, protracted legal battling, called off their divorce. PopEater reports: "The couple declined to comment but issued a joint statement saying, 'The parties have withdrawn their divorce action and are reconciling. They ask that their privacy be respected.' In 2009, the marriage looked to be on the rocks when Brant called out Seymour for wasting money and abusing controlled substances. They reportedly split up that year after 16 years of marriage, but the divorce was never finalized. Judge Lydna Munro commented on the case with a heart-warming wish for hope. 'I'm a true believer in marriage,' Munro stated. 'It's hard work growing old together, but it's actually sort of fun.'" [PopEater]