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Must-Have Holiday Toys: Meet Hungry Hippo, the 18-Inch Pillow Pet

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Parents, gird your wallets. Toys R Us has just released its annual list of Hot Toys for the holidays. Move over Tickle-Me-Elmo, say bye-bye to Zu Zu Pets—this year's hottest toys include this Hungry Hippo Pillow Pet (it also comes in panda, penguin, monkey, dolphin, buzzy bee, ladybug, snuggly puppy, and magical unicorn version—it's so fluffy!), something called a Squinkles Deluxe cupcake surprise bake shop, Laloopsy Dolls, Mattel's new Sing-a-ma-jigs, and something that makes Magic Orbeez.

Last-minute shoppers be forewarned: it's only September, but already a ton of these Hot Toys are already sold out! The Hungry Hippo, however, has just become available for pre-order. Put us on that waiting list.
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