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Fashion Moment Alert

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Did a major fashion moment happen in Milan today? All morning, our Twitter feed has been swamped with shocked-and-awed tweets about the Prada spring-summer 2011 show—the neons, the silhouettes, everyone's saying it felt so new. Suzy Menkes at the International Herald Tribune writes in a special report: "The fur scarves were so bright they popped off the runway: DayGlo orange, shocking pink and bright green. Something for foxy showgirls to wind around perfectly plain black dresses. For this was Prada, home of shock, surprise and awe that one designer can have such courage and daring—yet create such simple clothes. Yes, Miuccia Prada herself wore dangling banana earrings to take her bow and showed dresses printed with a monkey prancing in a baroque frame of greenery. But the designer also cut a new, longer silhouette, and reinvented a new suit with elongated jacket, over-the knee slim skirt in pervasive horizontal stripes and purposeful platform sneakers in more bright colors." (Does that sound like a rave to you too?) [IHT]