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People Will Stand Around Half-Naked in Midtown for Free Clothes

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Publicity stunts work—but not usually twice in as many weeks! Last week's Desigual brouhaha downtown—wherein Desigual promised free clothes to the first 100 people to turn up at the brand's SoHo store wearing only their skivvies—is taking a second turn, this time in midtown at Desigual's 34th Street location. Our sister site Racked NY is on the scene:

The front of the line, clad in boxers, undies and even one risqué lingerie leotard, had been there since last night and still had more energy than the dumbfounded Midtown workers hustling past. Wrapped in clear ponchos to shield themselves from today's 100% chance of rain and chanting "take it off!" to the 9am office crowd, these kids were in it to win it, despite the gloomy sky hanging overhead.
· Half naked kids crowd 34th Street for Desigual's Second Undie Party [RNY]