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Photographer Richard Reinsdorf Sues Skechers for $250 Million

An ad image Reinsdorf shot for Skechers
An ad image Reinsdorf shot for Skechers

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Photographer Richard Reinsdorf, whose clients include Sony Vaio, Heineken, Sunglasses Hut, and Ray Ban, has filed a $250 million lawsuit against Skechers for violating usage terms. TMZ reports: "Reinsdorf just filed a federal lawsuit claiming Sketchers hired him to 'conduct several highly successful photo shoots from 2006 through last year'—but states there were limits to where and how long Skechers could use his work. But in his suit, Reinsdorf claims Skechers blew off the agreement and used his work (an example seen above) all over the world... and long past the end date."
· Photog puts foot down—sues Skechers for $250 Mil [TMZ]