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Customizable Nail Art Machine: ArtPro Nail Printer Launches at CES

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A couple of weeks ago, we heard about the Barbie-branded nail art printer—now, it looks like more tech companies are getting in the at-home beauty game. Over in Las Vegas at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the folks at Engadget demo-ed the not-yet-released ArtPro Nail Printer, which renders incredibly detailed, totally customizable nail art easy peasy:

You put a couple of white base coats on, stick your hand inside, align the desired image to your nail, and hit print -- and an inkjet head (we saw a Lenovo cartridge inside) goes to work. A few seconds later, you're ready to seal the deal with clearcoat. A simple idea, well-executed and highly satisfying.
It pretty much goes without saying that we're going to be needing one of these at Racked HQ. Click through below to see a video demo and more examples of what's possible.
· ArtPro nail printer v. 6.1 [Engadget]