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Proof That Pauly D. and JWOWW Are Soulmates: Dirty Filthy Couture

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Last night, the Jersey Shore's resident tape-up-hairdo DJ Pauly D tweeted: "Check Out My Clothing Line Here ..... You See Me Rockin The Star ,,,, Now You Can Too !!!!" We clicked on the link and this is what we found, above. It's called Dirty Couture and the brand's mission statement is: "Inspiring a lifestyle for an underground generation who seeks individuality through a musically infused self expressive style." We're pretty sure that Pauly D didn't found this company, and that they probably dress him, pay him, and he, in turn, endorses the label. But what we really want to know is what's up with Jersey Shore stars' obsessions with dirt? First, JWOWW calls her clothing line Filthy Couture and now Pauly is obsessed with Dirty Couture. What's next? Grimy Get-ups?
· @DJPaulyD [Twitter]
· Dirty Couture online [Official Site]