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We Need This Show in the USA: The UK's My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

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Kate and Wills who? If you're looking for over-the-top no-expenses spared weddings, check out the UK reality tv show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, which chronicles the traditional nuptials of gypsy and traveller couples across the country. Recognized as an ethnic group in Britain and a social group in Ireland, travellers are one of the most discriminated-against peoples in the UK. Members of these nomadic communities tend to marry young, within the group, and will often stage lavish celebrity-inspired weddings—one woman interviewed by the Daily Mail wore a 240-pound gown featuring 24 petticoats and an eight foot train to the ceremony. The dress was covered in mechanical butterflies and UV lights that were powered by 12 batteries that she secreted under her petticoat. The dress designer brought a fire extinguisher to the ceremony... just in case.
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