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Project Runway Spinoff "Project Runway: Masters" To Debut This Year

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Buried deep inside a Wall Street Journal story about the Weinstein Co. is this golden fashion television nugget of wonderment:

As part of their television push, they plan to launch two spinoffs of "Runway" this year: one called "Project Runway: Masters," in which professional designers compete in fashion challenges to earn money for their favorite charities. Another is titled "Project Runway: Accessories," where designers create new clothing accessories each week.
Accessories? Sure, makes sense. We're excited to see designer sawing off their fingers making shoes (just kidding—though we did read somewhere once that lots of shoemakers accidentally cut off parts of their fingers) and beading evening clutches.

But omg Project Runway: Masters? That's so exciting. Who would you like to see compete on a masters edition of Project Runway?
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